UNİVERSA Export & Import Ltd. Co., is a domestic and foreign trade company that was established in 1993. We are experienced in the field of quality and set out an idea of qualified service.
Besides, we are the sole representative of the world’s leading company TR-ELECTRONIC all in Turkey and the Middle East. You may find detailed information below:

  • Absolute,Incremental Encoders
  • Linear Measurument, Displacement Systems
  • String Pots .Laser Distance Measuring Instruments
  • Interface Accessories .Panel Pc s
We, as UNİVERSA Export & Import Ltd. Co., provide all spare parts and all kinds of electrical equipments that belong to machinery, hardware and system automations which can be used in all industrial organizations and their facilities, civilian and defense industry, in large-scale vehicles from tractor to buses and many different areas from our German partners